Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance 

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("Ordinance") Statement

1.1 MOTOBLOG LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "Helmet King") respects personal data and promises to fully implement and abide by the data protection principles and the relevant provisions of the Ordinance. This policy applies to members of the Helm King store and the website VIP program (hereinafter referred to as "members"), as well as other persons whose personal information is collected, used and stored by Helm King in various ways. If you are unable or unwilling to provide comprehensive and accurate personal information, Helmet King may not be able to process your membership application or provide or continue to provide you with products, offers and services under this program. 

By using this web page, you indicate that you understand and agree to the above privacy policy, accept the processing of your personal data by this web page, including the use of cookies on computers, mobile phones or any electronic devices, or the use of relevant data in any way, These include, but are not limited to, the collection, storage, deletion, use, combination and disclosure of relevant information, if you reside outside of Hong Kong, your relevant information will be processed and stored in accordance with the Hong Kong Privacy Ordinance.

1.2 Helm King only collects, uses and saves your name, date of birth, email address, phone number, membership purchases and points records. Helmet King may automatically collect certain information, including but not limited to, the (1) location data you use to provide location search services; (2) the international mobile equipment identification code to provide important information and notifications; (3) you are in Information records when using this web page for future reference; (4) Cookies on applications or browsers on computers, mobile phones or any electronic devices to understand your usage habits. You may provide personal data as you wish. If you are under the age of 18, please consult your parent or guardian before providing personal information. If we fail to obtain the information marked "required", there is a chance that we will not be able to provide the services, products, gifts, rewards, offers or information you have requested. When you use and register as a member of this website, this website will obtain the personal data you provide. You can choose to register or not. Please note that if you do not register, some of the services provided on this page may not be available. The personal data you provide and the information you generate, collect or hold under the membership program ("Personal Data") may be used and stored by Helm King for the following purposes:

  1. to process your membership application;
  2. To provide you with products, benefits and services of the membership program;
  3. To promote the services and products offered by Helm King and/or Helm King and the persons or companies partnering with the Affiliate Program ("Participating Merchants");
  4. To provide you with rewards and offers selected for you by Helm King and/or Participating Merchants. To this end, Helm King and participating merchants may need to process and analyze your personal data in order to better understand your lifestyle, purchasing behavior, characteristics and needs. The relevant analysis results may be shared and used by Helm King members and participating merchants. ;
  5. When appropriate or necessary, conduct a verification process (as defined by the Ordinance) about your personal data and use the resulting or verified data for legal proceedings against you;
  6. Provide you with details and information about the membership program on a regular basis;
  7. for the normal administration, operation and maintenance of the Membership Program;
  8. Design new services or improve existing services and conduct related research for Helm King and participating merchants;
  9. investigating complaints and suspected suspicious transactions;
  10. the prevention and detection of crime;
  11. make disclosures in accordance with legislation; and
  12. Uses related to the above. 

When you transact with us or use this website, we will keep all your records and it is our general policy to keep such information for a reasonable period of time.

1.3 Helm King will keep your personal data confidential, but Helm King may disclose and transfer your personal data to members of Helm King Group, participating merchants, agents, contractors, Helm King telecommunications or other service providers, any other person under a duty of confidentiality to King Helm, and any actual or proposed assignee (whether in Hong Kong or overseas) of the Membership Program or King Helm's business.

1.4 Use of personal data for direct marketing
Helmet King reserves the right to use your personal data for the following direct marketing purposes:

(i) use your name, contact information, service and product portfolio information, lifestyle and purchasing behavior as stored with Helm King from time to time for direct marketing purposes

(ii) to market the following services and products from time to time by other Helmking members and/or participating merchants:

(1) Consumer goods; and

(2) Helmets , car parts , clothing , shoes and accessories

(iii) provide your personal data as described in paragraph (i) above to any member and/or participating merchants of Helmet King for direct marketing of the services and products described in paragraph (ii) above.
If you do not wish Helmetking to use your personal data for direct marketing purposes, you may contact our Customer Service Officer at or WhatsApp +852 6385 8830, or write to Helmetking as set out in paragraph 1.7 below address, and include your name and membership number to opt out of receiving these direct marketing materials.

1.5 In order to ensure the accuracy of personal information held by Helmets, including contact information, you may receive confirmation or verification requests from us. At the same time, you also have the following rights:

  1. Check whether King Helmet holds any of your personal data;
  2. Access your personal data held by Helmet King;
  3. request Helm King to correct any inaccurate personal data;
  4. determine the policies and practices adopted by King Helm with respect to personal data (from time to time); and
  5. Request to no longer receive promotional materials.

1.6 When you press any advertisement or link button on the company's website, you may have left the company's platform and entered the website of our advertisers, content providers, suppliers, affiliates, or partners. Access to such websites is not protected by this Privacy Policy. The Company does not own or control these third party websites. We do not authorize them to collect your personal data. Therefore, the company cannot and will not assume the risk of you providing personal data to third-party websites, or the loss caused by its rules and policies. You should contact the relevant website administrator or website owner directly with questions about their privacy practices and policies.

1.7 According to the Regulations, King Helm has the right to charge a reasonable processing fee for requests to access personal data. To access or correct personal data, or to request information on policies and practices and the categories of personal data held by Helm King, please write to the following address:

  Helmet King

  Address: No. 43, Tung On Street, Yau Ma Tel, Hong Kong

  Tel: +852 6385 8830 

If you do not want to receive any subscription email messages, you can unsubscribe by simply clicking on the link in the email. You will be removed from our subscription email list immediately at no cost. 

Membership Program Terms and Conditions of Use 


1.1 These terms and conditions are a contract between you (ie our member) and us (ie King Helm - the operator of the "Membership Program" or "Program"). We will have other merchants join the program ("Participating Merchants") to offer you more rewards and offers.

1.2 In these terms and conditions, the interpretation of certain special terms is as follows:

  1. "Member" - the member who has successfully applied for this program
  2. "Points Membership" - the Points Membership issued to you under this program so that you can enjoy the rewards and benefits of this program
  3. "Points" - the basic unit of calculation of benefits you can enjoy when you shop at retail outlets or online stores under this program

2 Apply for membership

2.1 By applying to become a member, you represent (and we have the right to rely on that statement) that you are 18 years of age or older and have the ability to enter into legally binding contracts.

2.2 To apply for membership, you must meet the specified conditions, and the relevant conditions and details are subject to those shown in the store or online store. We reserve the right to change the conditions and timetable for membership application without prior notice or prior notice.

2.3 To become a member, you must complete a membership application form and provide certain personal data.

2.4 您只可申請一個會籍,經核實後,所有重複之申請及當中賺取之積分將會被取消。

2.5 申請表上之資料必須真實、準確及完整填寫,並且不渉及任何不誠實或不合法的原素。否則,我們有權不接納您的申請。

2.6 如申請表上之資料未能清晰填寫或有遺漏,我們會透過電話 / 電郵聯絡您,並要求補充有關資料。如您未能提供所需資料,我們有權將申請作廢。

2.7 在我們獨立決定的情況下,我們可拒絕您的申請。

3 會員有效期

3.1 如您連續 3 年沒有於門市或網上商店購物,我們會取消您的會員資格和之前所累積的積分及優惠;您必須重新申請成為會員。

3.2 重新申請成為會員將受當時之條款所限制,並須再接受批核。

4 優惠計劃

4.1 積分獎賞

4.1.1 所有積分會員於門市或網上商店購物每滿$1.0 可享有 1 分。

4.1.2 積分將按扣除了任何門市或網上商店的現金券、其他現金券計算。積分獎賞不會計算毫仙。
4.1.3 積分不會作清算,有效期與會藉同步。

4.1.4 於推廣期內購買指定貨品時,您有機會可享額外積分優惠,此等額外積分不一定會於收據上顯示。而優惠之詳情及有關條款將於有關門市或網上商店刊載。

4.1.5 購買指定貨品或當您行使其他推廣 / 計劃之優惠時,將不獲積分獎賞。該等限制通知將於門市或網上商店刊登。

4.1.6 所有於門市購物賺取之積分會於三個工作天內更新到您的積分會籍戶口,並須於更新後方可使用。於網上商店購物的積分將於收貨日期起第15天存入帳戶。

4.1.7 所有積分只適用於您個人,不可將其轉移給他人。

4.1.8 倘若對積分獎賞有任何爭議,我們將保留最終決權。

4.2 生日月份優惠

4.2.1 您於生日即日可享額外1500積分,該額外之積分會於您登記之生日日期更新到您的積分會籍戶口。 

4.2.2 生日月份優惠會於您的積分會籍申請成功後方可享有。

4.3 其他積分獎賞及優惠

4.3.1 我們會於不同時期及/或門市/網上商店推行一次性之推廣活動,您有機會參與此等推廣活動而享有額外優惠及/或積分。該等推廣之詳情及條款將於有關門市或網上商店刊載。

4.4 積分使用

4.4.1 您可使用積分於不同時期換領不同價值之現金券,該等優惠之詳情及條款將於有關門市或網上商店刊載。

4.4.2 我們會於不同時期及/或門市或網上商店推行一次性之推廣活動,您亦可使用積分換購或換領指定貨品或禮品,該等優惠之詳情及條款將於有關門市或網上商店刊載。

4.4.3 您可使用之積分以網頁內的帳戶顯示為準。

4.4.4 所有一經積分換領的現金券有效期為兌換後之30天內,且均不設退換、兌換回現金或作現金找贖。您亦應即時檢查所換領之禮品,否則事後不會獲補發禮品或積分。我們亦不會對供應商提供之產品、服務、或產品質素作出保證或使用該產品後所構成之後果承擔任何相關責任。

4.5 積分會籍會員優惠之行使

4.5.1 您的積分會籍及所享之會員優惠均不得轉讓、出售、購買、作為商品進行交易及/或以任何形式複製,而只可供登記會員使用。您亦有責任妥善保存帳戶的保安資料。對於因會員未能妥善保管其會員資料而引起的損失,包括遺失之積分或損失,我們均不會作任何賠償。

4.5.2 您必須提供已登記的電郵地址或電話號碼以登入帳戶,而當網頁顯示您為會員便可享有會員優惠及賺取積分。

4.5.3 於使用積分換領禮品或現金券時,您必須以已登記之電郵地址或電話號碼登入頭盔王手機應用程式/網上商店換領。如您未能提供足夠資料,我們有權拒絕為您以積分換領禮品或現金券。

4.5.4 我們會於店內或網上商店推行不同類形之推廣活動,部份推廣優惠有機會不可與會員優惠同時使用,該等推廣之詳情及條款將於有關分店及/或網頁及/或宣傳品上列明。

5 換貨/ 退款

5.1 如您於某次門市/網上商店購物時於合理情況下獲換貨或獲得退款,您在該次購物(i)所獲得之積分獎賞或(ii)因而換領之禮品或現金券,將會同時被扣除或作出調整。視乎申請時之條款,您亦有機會被取消會籍。

5.2 所有用積分換購之貨品或用積分換領之禮品不可退換或退回現金。

6 取消會籍 

您可於任何時間取消會籍,您可電郵 或WhatsApp+852 6385 8830取消會籍;同時,您亦會喪失積分會籍戶口內餘下之積分及所有會員尊享優惠。為確保處理無誤,您必須提供有效之身份證明以供我們核實您的身份。

7 其他

7.1 由於此計劃是依靠通訊網絡、電網等非受我們控制的系統運作,所以我們不能保證此計劃能不間斷地運作。然而,我們會竭盡全力確保我們的系統支援此計劃之運作。

7.2 我們保留不時更新積分會籍計劃之內容、優惠、推廣等之權利,而這些項目亦將受這些條款及細則,以及有關各項目的條款及細則所監管。會員須留意所有內容改動,凡享用會員權利則代表會員接受所有相關的條款及細則。任何與之相關的改動或更新而導致的損失,我們均不負責。

7.3 如我們終止此計劃,我們將於計劃終止前三個月,於頭盔王之網頁上發出通知

7.4 倘若我們在有合理理由相信以下情況發生時,我們可以任何形式在任何時間拒 絕發出、撤回、取消或終止會籍,及/或取消會員資格, 會員並將無權享有任何形式的任何補償。我們亦有權向您索取及收回由於您違反這些條款及細則,或允許第三方違反這些條款及細則,而引致我們或參與商戶蒙受之損失及合理的費用。

  1. 任何違反或企圖違反此會員計劃的條款及細冗
  2. 任何濫用或企圖濫用會員計劃
  3. 會員及/或任何第三方代表會員以任何以欺詐手段享用會員權利
  4. 任何與會員計劃並且涉及盜竊、不當行為、濫用或令人反感的行為或提供虛假的或具誤導性的資料的行為

7.5 我們可能不時對這些條款及細則作出更正修改而不向您作預先通知。所有在條款及細則更新後繼續會籍之會員將被視為已接受該更新已取代以往所有版本。

7.6 電子優惠券及現金卷圖片只供參考,一切以實物為準。

7.7 We shall not be liable if circumstances beyond our control (“Force Majeure”) cause us to be unable or continue to perform our obligations under these Terms and Conditions. As long as the force majeure continues, we will suspend the performance of our obligations under the terms and conditions, and extend the time limit for performing relevant obligations during this period.

7.8 Employees of King Helmets cannot apply for membership.

7.9 These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Hong Kong. We and our members agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.

7.10 Helm King reserves the right of final decision on the above terms. 


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